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Ramis Neuronis
Jazz Musicians B&W
Cogitationes Aqua

2012:  Water+Reflections  
2008-2010 Trees+TexturesFoggy | Sandy | Wintery | Central Park  Tree

Tomasz Stanko jazz trumpet: 2008 | 2006 NYC | 2006 Philly    Tomasz Stanko 2006 Philly

Sonny Rollins    Toronto Downtown Jazz Festival 2005

Selected travel photos: Japan 2005 

1st! Polish Jazz Festival in Toronto October 2004 Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski Ola Turkiewicz Jan "Ptaszyn" Wroblewski Marek Balata Michal Urbaniak


   My Photograph on ECM Records CD cover  released in the USA on Sept 16, 2003
   Check out the CD:   amazon.ca   amazon.com  



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